Tutorial 3 : Setting up the Development Environment :

ISIS Proteus gui working Project

The first step in world of AVR development is to setup the initial Required software which will help you code your programs and simulate it.

The required software are as follows :

  1. AVR Studio – An IDE for Coding your projects
  2. WinAVR – Basically a compiler works with AVR Studio
  3. Proteus ISIS – Simulation and design software to test the code

Step 1 : Installing WinAVR  :

  • Simply install the WinAVR Compiler

Step 2 : Installing AVR Studio :

  1. Download AVR Studio from Above and simply install the .exe file in it.
  2. Important Step :
    • For Windows 7 and below users : Skip this Step You are done.
    • For Windows 8.1 or above go to the Trick folder in the downloaded file and copy the file named “msys-1.0.dll” and Paste it inside your “bin” folder located in your WinAVR installed files “C: > winavr  > utils > bin” . You have to replace the file.

Step 3 : Installing Proteus ISIS :

  1. Download Proteus from above.
  2. Perform a regular installation , Remember the location where you have installed software on drive. Generally it is : “C: > Program Files (x86) > Labcenter Electronics > Proteus 7 Professional”
  3. After the installation is complete go to the file location and open the “BIN” folder where you will find the file – “ISIS.exe”
  4. Make a desktop shortcut of ISIS by right clicking on it, as this is the software we are working on.
  5. Hence installation is complete.

Proteus is a electronics design software Developed by the Labcenter Electronics Ltd. UK

AVR Studio is an IDE Developed by the Atmel

WinAVR is a C compiler Documentation can be found on this Site.


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